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Administration Ministry Council 

    Input and involvement are necessary for the effective leadership and operation of ministries and administration of the church. 

    Members of this council assist in the development and review of administrative policies, procedures, and business operations of the church.

    They also assist the Business Administrator in the acquisition, management, and maintenance of church property and facilities. The council includes Pastor, Deacon, Trustees.

NBKB Leadership Council 

    This council includes all ministry leaders or their representatives. These leaders meet with the pastor to give input and suggestions on the direction of the church.

    They give leadership to intentional events developed and designed to encourage inter-church relationships, anniversaries, concerts are examples. Members of this council give special emphasis to facilitating a coordinated approach to adult and youth programs of Church School, Bible study, Discipleship Training and Christian development. This council includes each ministry head of the church 

Finance Ministry 

    The Finance Ministry Council monitors the financial stewardship of the church., Our primary work is to monitor the receipt and distribution of church funds.

    The Finance Ministry makes financial reports to the Board congregation as requested. This Ministry includes a bookkeeper, Treasurer, and Trustees. 

Outreach Ministry 

    Develop and review policies regarding missions, evangelism, and other related programs of home and world missions. 

    This council also assists in designing, promoting, and sponsoring programs that connect with the greater community and meet needs outside of the church family. This ministry represents the church and Pastor Willie visiting the Nursing Home, the Prison, Hospitals and Home Visitation. 

Worship Ministry Team    

Develops a creative worship experience and evaluates it daily for continuous improvement. This ministry teams' responsibilities include music, facility appearance, seating arrangements, dance, visual arts, and promotion. 

    They also give special attention to the sound system, speakers, lighting, sermon communication, audio/video applications, and sanctuary enhancements.

Youth Ministry 

    This ministry ensures that our young people grow in their confidence and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    They develop engaging programs that address the spiritual, emotional, academic and social needs of youth.

College Ministry 

    This ministry works to increase the involvement of present and future college students at NewBirth. With Youngstown State University, Eastern Gateway Community College and Kent State ( Trumbull ) being within minutes of our church we're intentionally involved in Intervarsity Fellowship, bible study groups, college mentoring and/or seeking mentors for our community center programs.